epoCoat FM Lab

Fluorescent Floor Marking

A leading aerospace lab had a requirement for floor marking with a fluorescent color. They needed to see the floor marking in low light conditions. epoCoat (FM) for floor marking was the right choice.

Materials Used:

epoCoat (FM): ECT-FM-2550 Fluorescent Daffodil Yellow : This is the epoxy fluorescent color.
epoCoat (FM): ECT-FM-62010-C Washington White: This is the epoxy white color used for border marking.
Other: Making tape, AccuRelease (mold release), lint free rollers, brushes

Under low light conditions, the Fluorescent Daffodil Yellow shows excellent visibility. 

epoCoat (FM) is thixotropic for application and bonding to concrete floor is excellent. The floor coating was built up to 0.5 mm using multiple coats.

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