Our products are used for surface protection & modification – waterproofing, epoxy coatings and flooring, cool roof coatings, color stucco, advanced wall paints and internal coloring of cement concrete and plastering.

The products are based on epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane and polyester chemistries. These innovative products are highly effective and solve practical problems or requirements regarding surfaces.


Cool Roof – heat barrier

Coating for roof temperature reduction.

Goodbye Leaks – waterproofing

Epillary – Epoxy Waterproof Membrane
epoCoat – Epoxy Waterproof Coating
Epotile – Epoxy Waterproof Tile Coat
Epocrete – Epoxy Waterproof Concrete
Epoplug – Epoxy Waterproof Plug

ICCD – coloring cement

Internal Cement Color Dispersion – coloring cement concrete and plaster.

Unicoat Surface – coatings

epoCoat (CN) – colored epoxy coating
epoCoat (FM) – fluorescent epoxy coating
epoLayer (TC) – colored thick coat epoxy layer
epoLayer (SP) – sparkle thick coat epoxy layer
epoScreed – colored epoxy screed

Color Stucco – textures

Color Stucco (RB) – roller brushable
Color Stucco (SP) – sprayable with machines

Amazing Coat – paints

Amazing Coat (LX) – colored emulsion paint
Amazing Coat (LX-FL) – Fluorescent emulsion paint